Ryan Warriner has been appointed CEO and Lead Technical Design for MyAudioVideo.com. 

Ryan brings over 47 years of professional experience in the field of technology.  Mr. Warriner is also a veteran of the US Air Force/Air National Guard from 1975 to 1981 in the field of microwave relay electronics.

Ryan Warriner has seen great advancements in technology from tube TV’s, 8-tracks, Cassettes, and Record players, to DVD, CD, and now multi-channel format network streaming.

Ryan’s passion started organically, with a love of Music and Movies.  It would be this love that would bring him into the electronics field to create his passion.  He would often comment on how he never learned how to create music.  However he would be quick to note he can make what the musicians have created, sound even better.

Ryan Warriner graduated high school in 1976 with an Electronics, Electricity and Amateur Radio focus.  Just 2 weeks after graduation, he was off to Air Force basic training.  After Basic, Ryan was headed to Keesler AFB for electronics training with a focus on Microwave Relay Communications.

During his service, Ryan Warriner would earn many certificates, ribbons and accommodations.  Ryan would earn the Humanitarian Medal, awarded by the Governor of WA.  While enlisted in the Air National Guard, Ryan Warriner  assisted in setting up and monitoring a mobile communications system for the rescue operations during the Mt. St. Helen’s eruption in 1980.  .

With an Honorable Discharge at the completion of his service in 1981, Ryan Warriner would go on to earn numerous continued education certificates with on-going formal training and studies in; Acoustics, Video, Music Engineering, Network, Fiber Optic, Control Systems and more.

The Vision: 

Ryan Warriner’s vision for MyAudioVideo.com is simple; “friendly advice is always no charge”.  “Technology can be complex, we are always happy to translate technology so our customers can easily understand the benefits to them.”

“MyAudioVideo.com has been working with Pacific Raceways now for several years.  We look forward to many more years to come while bringing state of the art technology, to a legendary track and their amazing fans and racers.

“MyAudioVideo.com is also working on a new business model which will pioneer the technology field.  More on this later!”

Send Ryan a note at; ryan@myaudiovideo.com.