Custom Music & Control Systems

Push one button on your custom keypad and watch the systems go to work as the lights dim, the temperature is set, the blinds close and your favorite music to play.

Come home, stroll to your custom keypad by your front door, and press one button. The lights dim to preset levels. The heating is set to your preference. The Security System follows the command and your favorite Music begins to play. Life is good.

This is an incredibly sophisticated and robust system for controlling: Lights, Heating, Cooling, Music, Security and more. Via any keypad (you will have 2), you can raise the heat, change the lighting, bring up music, and more.

As a remote home control, you will have the ability to log in to your home from virtually anywhere in the world and check the security, lighting, heat and more. Plus, your home becomes “smart”, as it can be programmed, (as only we can do) to think for itself by turning Off/On lights by schedule, or changing heat by time of day, or turning on or off the security system. The options are virtually unlimited. Very smart, very robust, amazing reliability.

Take Your Home to the Next Level

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