Commercial Audio & Video

A Commercial Audio and Video system increases productivity and profitability.

In a Boardroom, the presenter can use the screen and projector to show display video from a local computer or Internet. The host uses a wireless microphone to automatically mute the audio while they are speaking, and automatically bring the background audio back up when they are finished. In a Bar, it’s televisions which are broadcasting a favorite sporting event with ads scrolling across the bottom for a sale on food or beverages or to announce an upcoming event. In a Restaurant, televisions will advertise dinner specials while background music is creating a warm friendly environment, which your customer will return for, again and again.

We at MyAudioVideo understand the important role Audio & Video plays in a Commercial Business setting. The system must complement your business motif, and be reliable. We are familiar with audio distribution as well as with software programs which allow video displays to be dual purpose. While your customer is watching their favorite TV program, an ad is scrolling across the bottom of the screen advertising a special purchase.

MyAudioVideo can take care of all your Commercial Audio and Video needs from Camera’s to Security to Stage Audio, to Restaurant Video, to Background Audio to Network to Digital Signage and so much more.

Give MyAudioVideo a call today and find out how we can make your business setting more appealing to your customers and increase your bottom line.

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