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A great many calculations go into a good Home Theater Design and we know each and every one.

Home Theater Design

Even the most complex Home Theater System Design starts with a critical premise, as I will explain.

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I have built many Home Theater Systems, for many clients in the Seattle / Tacoma area and each one is as unique as the next. They might have a home feel to them, or a movie theater look and theme to them, or maybe a mix of both, such as you might opt for a sports theme such as a Seahawk theme we were privileged to be a part of for a wonderful family in Kitsap county WA.

Seahawk Fan Cave Home Theater Design.

The Seahawk Fan Cave! Amazing family, and dare we say it, an amazing Audio/Video System!

We did the Audio/Video, and they did an amazing job with decorating the room to a Seahawk fan cave feel. Their new fan cave was impressive enough to be noticed by BudLite and used in a FanCave commercial!

You can check it out on YouTube: Seahawk Bud Lite Fan Cave Commercial Seahawk Bud Lite Fan Cave[/button] Though, I can’t help but notice my picture wasn’t used in the ad, however, this is for another day.

A good Home Theater Design is primarily focused on the performance of the system, therefore, I will generally leave the room decorating; carpet style, seating, lighting styles, movie posters, popcorn machine, and more, to you, as this is a personal taste.  This part can be a great deal of fun and is limited only by your imagination.  Now, we are certainly available for input on these items based on somewhat strict criteria of a properly designed Home Theater system, which I will get to in a moment, but ultimately these style choices are yours.

What is a Home Theater?  

First, if I may express a small pet-peeve, and some re-defining:

  1. A TV with a “Soundbar” is not a Home Theater system, no matter what the radio ads will tell you again,

    Soundbars are simply amazing and can greatly enhance TV Sound, but they are not Home Theaters…

    and again and again, day after day after day.  Ugh, how many TV’s do these two people own?  Now, while a Soundbar is an excellent choice for improving TV sound, it simply is not a true Home Theater system. 

  2. Similarly, a TV with speakers placed throughout a multi-purpose room such as a Family or Living room, is also not a Home Theater System. This is a Surround Sound System, and can be quite enjoyable, and levels higher in performance than a Soundbar. 
  3. With each type of system there are distinct levels of enjoyment and performance.  There are TV’s, there are TV’s with Soundbars, there are TV’s with speakers throughout the room.

…then there is the true Home Theater System. You know you want it…

A true Home Theater System is based on maximum impact and enjoyment.  A true Home Theater System will be in a dedicated room. You enter this room to experience a movie, really experience a movie.

Now, some will tell you it is about the screen size, or amplifier power, or brands of the equipment, or how many speakers you have, and while these are all important, this is merely the mechanics and is not the primary rule in a properly designed Home Theater System. 

Bird is the word:

In any true Home Theater Design one word comes into play and this word is hard and fast, unwavering, and is a strict rule.  This one word is a stumbling block to many untrained installers in this profession.  The word is not subjective.   And, this word sums up the proper design of any Home Theater System, Music System, and even Stage System.  Ready for the magic word?

The word is “Accuracy”. 

Accuracy is reproducing no more and no less than what the producers of the Movie or Music soundtrack had intended.  That’s it.  Seems simple enough doesn’t it?  Well, it isn’t.   It is no easy task.  Not at all.  Getting picture and sound is easy.  Having this Sound and Video match the intentions of the producer, requires a trained technician, well, like me. The focus on a properly designed Home Theater System is accuracy.

Want to know more?  Happy to help.  Friendly Advice and Estimates are always no charge.  Give me a call or fill out the Request for Design and we can start the fun discussion on your new Home Theater System.    

Ryan Lee Warriner * Owner / Lead Technical Design * Over 40 Years Professional Experience in Custom Audio & Video. * USAF Certified Electronics Technician * Certifications and on-going studies; Control 4, ISF, Denon/Marantz, RTI, HDMI, Sphere, Acoustics, Music Engineering, THX, Video, Nicet II, Solar Technologies, Camera, Network.