PR Raceway Audio/Video Project

Well now, this is one fun site to work on. Being Race fans, and participants, ourselves, it is only difficult to leave this site. PR Raceway, a nationally recognized arena located in Kent WA, hosts a number of events from a winding Road Race course, Motocross track, Cart Racing course, and last but certainly not least, a national caliber Dragstrip. August 3,4,5 PR Raceway will host the NHRA which is televised live on FOX.

Revamp their entire Audio & Video system

PR Raceway contracted to revamp their entire Audio & Video system, starting with the PA system. We began by creating a site survey of what is there. What is very important about our services which differs from the industry, is frankly we do not care “how” the current system is working. Do not. What we want to know, our primary mission is to know what our customer’s end game is. What is it our customer wants to accomplish; More Sound, Greater Clarity, Repairs, Add-ons, etc. So, we now have a beginning, and an end and we are now tasked with creating the most efficient and cost-effective manner of bridging these two together.

This methodology saves a considerable amount of time vs the common approach of trying to figure out what the “other guy” was thinking and doing to come to this current system. We do not care. If it was correct, we will end up with the same topology. If it was wrong, we will end up changing it. Our task is to simply get what our client wants in the end.

Old PR System was aging

PR had an existing system that worked, but not well. The system was aging. We began by installing a rack system for the existing equipment and taking all of the equipment off of the shelves and into this rack. We decided to go a step further and we even painted the walls of this equipment closet and put a new carpet on the floor. Does this affect the sound? Not one iota. What this does is “marry” us to this site. This is our caliber. The room is clean, presentable, we have a nice equipment rack on the wall, with the equipment installed into it. A great beginning.

Now, we want to make sure the equipment that is there, is working. Turn it on and fire it up? No way. The issue is that it is not working! So, we will remove one piece of equipment from the system, one at a time, and test it with isolated control. Take one amplifier, and connect it directly to a known working speaker. Input a known input signal, and test for sound, for sound quality, and for power.

A few new amplifiers, new volume controls, and a new line of the ever exquisite JBL 30watt horns placed throughout the track,

Exquisite JBL Audio Horn Speaker

and what a difference. Once the audio was working again, it was not over, however. Now the contouring of the sound. This is an outdoor venue, which poses its own acoustic characteristics that have to be considered. Plus, this site has multiple zones so leveling is important.

Audio  Adjustment

I revamped the ability to inject Music into the system and even equalized this. Now, the Music plays, and once the announcer keys up his microphone, the Music level lowers allowing the announcer’s voice to come through, then once finished, the Music level will slowly rise back to its original level.

Well, long story boring, we did all of this, and a great deal more, and we are getting rave reviews now from the announcers using the new system and even the fans who, once they realize this is our system, will compliment us and tell us they love the difference.

Next, we will be replacing all of the track horns with these amazing JBL Horns, and then it is on to the Podcast via their LiveStream control system.

Too fun.

Come out and have some fun! You can see PR Raceway’s schedule here; Or, come along for the ride on the amazing road course;

Mention our name at the gate, and well, nothing will happen, but who knows, they might hook you up with something. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

At the NHRA Nationals all 3 days

We will be at the NHRA Nationals all 3 days helping to provide race fans with the ultimate in Audio/Video and Racing enjoyment.

See you there!