Products-audio-video-covington-WA-1At MyAudioVideo, we make it easy.  Our specialty is the knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations in custom Audio & Video systems and so much more.  We are well qualified to handle all of your electrical needs.  No shopping for different contractors with different specialties, we can take care of all of it for you, in one easy call.  

We start any process by listening to you.  We want to know what your needs are.  We will then offer our suggestions and advice so you can effectively reach your goals as cost effectively as possible, and with an end result that is beautiful, easy to use, and performs at the highest level possible.   


We also do something we have yet to see anyone else do.  We create an Audio/Video system flowchart showing all your devices and how the system is connected together.  This enables us to visually confirm your system will meet your needs, based on the technology available.  By drafting your system to paper, as a schematic, before starting, we are able to assure the end result and can make changes more cost effectively rather then during the installation.  As you get to keep this flowchart, you also have a schematic of how your system works, which makes future troubleshooting, or system add-ons more efficient, and thus more cost effective.    


MyAudioVideo never follows. . . we lead.