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Surround Sound Systems

Products-audio-video-covington-WA-3A Surround Sound system and a Home Theater system are nearly one and the same, and yet can be very different.  We have separated the two to add clarity and to give each title the justification it deserves.  A Home Theater system is a room which has been turned into a dedicated Home Theater.  The acoustics are fine tuned, the lighting is exact, the picture and sound are crisp, big and bold.  It’s a room where you watch movies, really watch movies.     

However, also very common and enjoyable, is the desire to have a dynamic and custom surround sound system, however to have this installed into your Family or Bonus room.  We are most happy to accommodate, and are the best in the business.  Surround-Sound-system-1The parameters of a family room can be quite different.  A family room is a dual purpose room; you have guests over, the kids play games in this room; you use this room for many purposes.  At Audio & Video we are specialists in keeping with your purpose for this room, while we beautifully integrate a stunning Surround Sound system and never interfere with your family room’s interior design.  The wires are hidden, the installation is pristine.    

We will use custom in-wall or in-ceiling speakers which sound amazing, hide nicely and use no floor or cabinet space.  We can even paint them to match the walls!  The equipment can be hidden in a cabinet, or even closet, using an RF remote, Surround-Sound-system-2or an IR repeater to control your system, with the doors closed!  We can install your TV above a fireplace, or virtually anywhere you like, and you won’t see a single wire.  Beautifully stunning.   

For all of our systems, our installations are pristine.  We lay blankets on the floor, cover couches and furniture with plastic, keep tools contained and never leave fingerprints, anywhere.  But don’t believe us, you are welcome to ask our many happy customers.  

Give Audio & Video a call today, and find out why we are simply the best in the business.  Estimates are no-charge, satisfaction is easily guaranteed.