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Structured Cabling



Structured cabling is really just another term for home running all your wires, and creating a LAN where all your devices are connected at.  A “home-run” is a term used to describe running a wire from each device; phone, computer, network, etc., to the LAN.  The “old school” (unfortunately the current school for many companies today) is to “daisy chain” a system together.  This means run a wire to the first device, then from there to the next, etc.  This is the “Christmas tree light” syndrome.  When one device or “light” fails, the rest from that point on fail.  Most devices today will not tolerate a daisy chain wiring topology.    



A LAN is a “Local Area Network”, generally a term used to describe the cabinet where all these wires come in to and are terminated.  The advantages to home-running wires are many.  Troubleshooting is easier.  Equipment is more stable with a dedicated wire.  This cabinet can now contain your phone interface, cable splitters, satellite multi-switch, modem, data patch panel and more, making for a clean installation and eliminating clutter under your desks, behind the TV, etc.    


Audio & Video technicians have formal training in structured cabling topology, and are ready to assist you with your wiring needs.