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New Construction Design


The new wave today is “wireless” technology.  And while we are big fans of how far wireless has come, we are still bigger fans of running a wire to any piece of electronic equipment.  Wire is more stable and is less susceptible to RF interference.  Wire is more secure; a private conversation is much more difficult to intercept in a wire vs being transmitted through the air, which is much easier to pickup.  Wire is more pure; especially in Audio.  In order to transmit audio through the air the Audio signal has to be transformed or “modulated” with an RF carrier, then at the other end “de-modulated" back to remove this RF carrier.  Are there systems out there that do a great job of this?  Yes, there are, Sonos for example does a great job of transmitting wireless Audio and we will use this option if it is just impossible to get a wire to a location.  However, a wire is still the king of good quality transmission.    

New-Construction-22When you are having a new home or business built, the likelihood of being able to get a wire to a location is much greater.  The end result is a much more stable system, cleaner transmission, and a higher level of purity in the transfer.  Another major advantage to wiring under construction is being able to place equipment exactly where you need it.  Equipment can be installed virtually anywhere you want in a retro-fit installation as well, however, there are times where construction, walls, foundation etc., precludes getting a wire to the desired location.  In new construction, the placement options are greater.  

It is also less costly to run wires in new construction, with the walls opened up, vs fishing wires in an existing location.  

If you are having a new Home or Business built, give MyAudioVideo a call for wiring advice, design and implementation ideas.  Estimates are always no-charge.