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Networking, IP, Streaming



Pro-Circuit Audio & Video can take care of all your Home and Business Networking needs.  Nearly everything electronic is now connected to the Internet or to each other via your network system.

Your Camera DVR, Computer, DVD player, TV, your Streaming device (Apple TV, Google, etc.), your Cable box, Satellite box, and even your AM/FM Receiver/Processor are all connected to the Internet via your Network.  High speed capability is just as important as bandwidth, or the amount of data a wire is capable of transmitting.

We use only Category 6 now on our network installations for its high speed and high bandwidth.  This wire is rated at nearly twice the bandwidth of Category 5E which is the most common data wired used today.  High Definition Video uses a very large amount of bandwidth, transmitting a very large amount of data.  Wire bandwidth and speed has now become front and center in importance of nearly any home or business Network and even Video installation.  However even with great wire you can lose any gain in the wire with improper or poor connections.  This is why our techs at Pro-Circuit Audio & Video have received formal training in proper data terminations.   

For all your Networking needs, Pro-Circuit Audio & Video has the knowledge and the experience to exceed your expectations.