Our lead designer has over 40 years professional experience

Music & Control Systems



You come home from a hard days work.  As you enter your home you turn off your Security System, turn on the Lights, turn up the Heat, and put on some relaxing Music. The mood is set, you start winding down, and you did all of this from the ease of your custom touch-screen control keypad.  Simply amazing.  

As you stroll through your home, each area has a beautiful keypad where you easily select your favorite music, and enjoy your music through custom in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.  

Home Music is a truly wonderful option.  Your favorite music seamlessly follows you throughout your home.  Each area can enjoy their own music, or all play the same music.  All your music sources; IPOD, CD Changer, Satellite Music, Cable Music, AM/FM, Streaming, and more, are located centrally and accessed through your Music control system.  Have an area where you want your own private music?  No problem, we can add an isolated source input in these locations.  Simple, easy, exquisite.