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Home Theater 101  

audio-video-tacoma-waAt Audio & Video, Home Theaters are a great passion for us.  A true Home Theater system however, is so much more then a parts list of speakers, seating, equipment, a screen, projector and more.  This is the mechanics, and essential, however, to attain a pure home movie experience, it is critical that strict attention be given to the myriad of details such as acoustics, speaker type/size, placement, screen size, projector type, viewing requirements (Gaming, Movie, etc.) calibration, calculations, and more.  The purest home movie experience is achieving a picture and sound accuracy which is exactly as the movie producers had intended. . . and maybe just a bit better.  

In short, if you could pick up the IMAX Theater with its stunning full digital high resolution picture and incredible sound, and put this in your home, that is the goal.  This is the Holy Grail of Home Theater.  This is the benchmark.         


Home Theater Audio & Video

audio-video-seattle-waThe advancements in Home Theater Audio & Video have been absolutely amazing.  Picture resolution and clarity are advancing nearly on a daily basis.  However, the technology available today is not as “plug and play” as stores who do not offer installation would have you believe, and it is much more advanced then the “installation department” at some stores can offer.  Without the knowledge and consideration of the myriad of details; calculations, setup, calibration and more, you will not be enjoying what your system is really capable of.  

At Audio & Video, we are technicians formally trained to understand terms like calculated viewing angle (SMPTE and THX), projector native resolution, throw distance, ambient lighting, lumens, native resolution, cabling bandwidth, and so much more.  It is only with the careful consideration of all of these factors and more which will culminate into a crystal clear picture and sound, with many years of trouble-free enjoyment for you and your family in your new Home Theater.  And, no less important, is the return on your investment.  Your new Home Theater should bring you no less then one dollar of value for every dollar you invest.  We consistently exceed this investment value both in resale and in enjoyment.

We have new Home Theater systems for nearly any budget and requirements   


Home Theater Fun Stuff

Home-Theater-Fun-StuffWe will work with your design ideas, which are limited only by your imagination.  Star field in the ceiling?  No problem.  Custom Riser seats?  We can do this.  Curtains, Rope Lighting, Custom Carpets, Custom Sconce Lighting, Popcorn Machine, 3-D, 2K/4K resolution, and more?  We are capable of all this.  At Audio & Video, we are a turn-key solution.  We also make it easy for you by coordinating and overseeing any sub-contracted tasks such as painting, carpet, electrical, and even new construction.  We will take care of the details, while you sit back, relax, and watch the Home Theater of your dreams being built.  

During the design phase, we will show you ideas and offer suggestions.  We offer suggestions and advice so you can get ideas and imagine the look of your new Home Theater room.  For example, installing curtains around the room creates a true Home Theater look, while creating an exquisite sound environment.       
We can customize the system, hide the projector, and even the equipment, as you use your single custom remote control for your entire system.  Sconce lighting is a great option, and we can help you with selecting lighting options which will enhance not only your Home Theater, but will not negatively interact with the color reproduction.  Your remote control will even control the lighting.  

“Now Playing” in your home; an amazing movie, on an amazing, Home Theater system designed and installed by the technicians of Audio & Video.  

Give   us a call, or send us your request for a design.  Design bids are always no charge.  We can provide a start to finish turn-key solution, from construction to electrical, to carpet, to paint, to final installation to amazing. . .  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.